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100 Years of Italian Tradition and Excellence

2018 Proclaimed as the Year of Italian Food

Di Pasquale’s Celebration of Italy’s 20 Regions

To celebrate the year, Di Pasquale’s will be promoting all 20 regions with food, wine, and activities. There will be special dishes prepared by our culinary team for each region along with specially priced wine pairings. We are scheduling guest speakers to talk about the culture and to promote authentic D.O.P items that are produced in that specific region. We will begin our campaign on February 26, 2018, with the region of Veneto!

Taste of Veneto

Venetian Cheese Plate

-Venetian Cheese Plate | $14.95

Served with a glass of wine and bread on the side


Baccala Alla Vicentina

-Baccala Alla Vicentina | $9.95

“Baccala Dip” Served with Crostini



Taleggio Risotto with Duck Ragu




-Taleggio Risotto with Duck Ragu | $14.95

Served with Bread on the side
Truffle Cheese & Wild Mushroom grilled Cheese

-Truffle Cheese & Wild Mushroom Grilled Cheese | $8.95





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