Due to the circumstances with COVID-19, we will be shortening our hours to 9-4pm Monday-Saturday until things are resolved.

We are open 8am-9am for senior citizens and people who are at high risk.

Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm


100 Years of Italian Tradition and Excellence

  • Cheese Tray

    Cheese Tray $5.00 Per Person The finest assortment of imported and domestic cheeses. Served with crispy Italian bread and corstini. (10 Person Minimum)

  • Fresh Vegetable Tray

    Fresh Vegetable Tray $5.00 Per Person Includes the freshest vegetables of the season. Served with housemade sour cream, roasted vegetable and yogurt cucumber dips. (10 Person Minimum)

  • Antipasto Tray

    Antipasto Tray $7.00 Per Person Includes an assortment of marinated and roasted vegetables, olives, pepper shooters, Italian meats and cheeses. Served with crispy Italian bread. (10 Person Minimum)

  • Fresh Fruit Tray

    Fresh Fruit Tray $5.00 Per Person Seasonal fresh fruit sliced and artistically arranged on a tray. May also be ordered as fruit salad. (15 Person Minimum) Fruit Salad is also available for $5.00 per person; also a 15 person minimum.